Cultural Learning: Indonesia

This month we learned all about Indonesia! Here is the learning plan we created:

  • Google Maps Exploration
  • Indonesia Information and Coloring Sheets
  • Indonesia Library Books
  • Indonesia Regional Videos
STEAM (Art/Engineering)
  •    Rafflesia Collaboration Project

Science (Chemistry/Biology)
  • Corpse Flower (sulphur) Molecule Building
  • Komodo Dragons
  • Largest Flowers on Earth
  • Nature Journals about Rafflesia and Corpse Flowers
  • We looked and explored Indonesia on google maps
  • We found videos about the country: our favorites 34 Provincial Names and Indonesia
  • We checked out local books at the library (a fun activity here is to use google to explore the landmarks in the books)
  • We completed our handouts (see below)


via Printable Learning


We completed a team building STEAM project. The kids engineered a life size Rafflesia flower together using random raw materials, then designed, constructed, and painted it. They loved this activity! (We used paper bags, cotton balls, cups, straws, paper, glue, staples, tape, and of course paint) 


We explored atoms and molecular compounds with our Happy Atoms set. We found the atomic structure for many of the sulphur compounds that make up the stinky stench of the corpse flower and rafflesia (the largest flowers on earth found in Indonesia). Here is the sheet we used to create the compounds (if you don't have an atom set, you can make them with candy and toothpicks or even felt or paper!)


Keep Learning and Have FUN!