2022 Lunar Calendars

We had fun making our full moon calendars this year! We used crayon, marker, and water color... based on the kiddos preferences. It was really good practice for following directions and using patience (waiting for everyone to catch up). Here was the order we used that made the group project run smoothly:
  • 1. Center circle with the year
  • 2. Top month (JAN), bottom month (JULY) left month (OCT) right month (APR)
  • 3. Fill in the rest of the months clock wise
  • 4. Take turns drawing circles for each month
  • 4. Take turns writing the dates for each month
  • 5. Fill in full moons
  • 6. Fill in new moons
  • 7. Fill in half moons (waning/waxing)

Happy New Year!


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