Sensory Cursive Practice

Cursive is becoming a lost art. It isn't taught in most schools anymore and has been replaced with typing, which is fine! Typing is necessary today and cursive isn't. However, I still love the art of handwriting, so I want our children to have a foundation. Changing the writing utensils for my little ones really helps them get excited about writing. Here are the ways I integrated sensory learning with cursive practice.

1. Dry Erase Markers

This one is so easy, you can find dry erase cursive workbooks online, and let them make the words any color they like. The dry erase markers aren't always out, so when I pull them out the kids love to use them!

2. Salt Trays
Salt trays are fantastic for cursive, because you need to keep your finger down to form the words and the salt pattern stops when you lift your finger. I let the kids pour out a whole container of salt in to a tray (THEY LOVE THIS!) and then show me their letters and any words they want to write!

3. Chalk Markers

Again, this is just about getting to write with very special utensils. Chalk markers are awesome, easy to control, and a lot fun!


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