Nature Journals: Collecting Plant Specimens

We went for a nature walk this morning, intent on looking for plant specimens to examine in the microscope. As with all nature walks, adventure ensued -- the kiddos found, climbed, and named an old oak tree. We observed a lot of plants and animals. We also collected the first acorn of the season (for good luck).

We used the microscope to explore the nature items we collected. We were searching for nematodes on the moss we found, but no luck this time. After we used the microscope to exam our plant material, we journaled about our nature walk, the items we collected, and our findings.

Learning Activities: collecting plant specimen, nature walk/exploration, examining plants under the microscope and discussing our findings, nature journal/recording/drawing time, sharing our journal entries. [remember to bring specimen jars/containers to collect your plants]

Parent Note: I collect the nature journals after each adventure and keep them until the next nature walk, so we can date them and keep them as a nature/homeschool log.