Homemade Glycerine Soap

This is a fun and easy homeschool project! You can order a kit or you can get glycerine cubes and coloring at the craft store. Just remember to melt the color and cubes first, then add fragrance if you'd like. We used a simple silicone mold and the microwave, which made this VERY Easy.

  • 1. Melt glycerine cubes and pigment (food coloring will work) for 10 secs in the microwave
  • 2. If not fully melted keep heating in 5 sec intervals
  • 3. Add fragrance drops/essential oils
  • 4. Pour into mold and let them cool -- easy peasy
  • (You can add fun items too, like toy figurines or flower petals, we added rose petals)

You can always look up a glycerine soap kid kit online or at the craft store which will have everything you need!