Cultural Learning: Argentina

 We had a lot of fun learning about Argentina! Here is the outline:

Argentina Learning Plan


  • Google Maps Exploration
  • South American / Buenos Aires Discussion

Earth Science/Topography:

  • Videos about Regional Landmarks: Iguazu Falls, Pampas, Andes Mountains, Patagonia
  • Regional Landscape Handout
  • Argentina Flags
  • Process Art: Iguazu Falls
  • La Boca Houses
Cultural Studies:
  • Indigenous Tribes
  • Gauchos
  • Tango 
Geography: We used google maps to walk around Buenos Aires and explore the street views. We also had a lot of fun exploring La Boca (a very colorful neighborhood in the city). Here are a few places to use as keywords for google maps:
  • La Boca
  • Buenos Aires Children Museum
  • Pampas
  • Iguazu Falls
We also used vocabulary cards to identify South America, Argentina, and Buenos Aires...

Earth Science/ Topography: We studied the different land marks of the following:
  • waterfall - Iguazu Falls
  • plains/grasslands - The Pampas
  • mountains - Andes Mountains
  • islands/archipelago - Falkland Islands
  • tundra/glacial - Patagonia
Here is a handout we used for identifying:


We made Argentina flags with colored paper: 

Iguazu Falls process art:
  • 1. Color the rocks, mountains, grass, rainbows with crayons
  • 2. Mix water and craft paint
  • 3. Hang crayon drawings on the wall with towels under to catch the mess
  • 4. Use a sponge brush to make water drops into a water fall image

Colorful La Boca houses:

Cultural Studies:

Indigenous Tribes: Here is a map of the current understanding of local indigenous tribes, you can search each tribe name to learn more about them, there is more information being circulated every day!

Other areas to learn about:
  • Gauchos
  • Cuisine
  • Tango
  • Buenos Aires
  • Animals Life
Here are some links my kiddos found ad really enjoyed:
Keep Learning, and HAVE FUN!