Learn About Big Cats

This learning plan is developed for mixed ages. Don't be afraid to include your younger kids in the more advanced learning groups, they might pick up more than you expect!


Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Spelling Word Learning Paws
  • Vocabulary Word: Feline
  1. World Map Coloring and Identifying
  2. Big Cats: Where Do I Live?
  • Introduction to Animal Classification Videos
  • Water Color Resist Art Tigers
  • Cut and Paste Lions
  • Counting Worksheet
Get Moving
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: Lulu the Baby Lioness


Spelling Words: Cat Paws
We used the following spelling words: Lion, Puma, Tiger, and Panther
We wrote them on paws (see printable below). If you aren't familiar with our spelling word routine, we first trace the words with highlighters and spell them aloud. Next, we draw/spell them on our arms, then erase (the physical touch of writing them on your skin helps with memory).

Vocabulary Word

Feline: Relating to the cat family


World Map Coloring and Identifying
The students follow along as you identify and practice pronouncing each continent. Next, color each continent a specific color. (remember: the goal of this exercise isn't to get each child to memorize the continents, just to introduce them to a world map and the names of each continent)

Big Cats: Where Do I Live?
We cut out the big cat images below and looked up each one online. We read about their habitat, then glued them to our world maps according to which continent they can be found.
  • Tiger: Asia
  • Puma: The Americas
  • Lion: Africa
  • Cheetah: Africa
  • Jaguar: South America


Introduction to Animal Classification
Here are two fun videos to give children an idea of how or why we classify animals. They aren't meant to memorize any of this, only here about it and be introduced to the scientific terminology and ideas.

image via brainpop jr.

image via free school


Water Color Resist Art Tigers
We used the following tiger color sheet for this project. First the kiddos colored it with crayons, then we used water color to make the crayon stripes appear. These were a huge hit!

image via super coloring

Cut and Paste Lions
This is great practice for cutting skills and fine motor. Let the kiddos draw and paste eyes on the lion face. Next, cut the paper strips, then glue them around the lion face. These are so cute!


Big Cat Counting Worksheet
The kiddos had fun coloring this little worksheet, and they got to practice following directions and counting...


Our kiddos love cosmic kids yoga, and here is a great one about a baby lion!

image via cosmic kids yoga

Have fun!