Cultural Learning: Russia

 All About RUSSIA

Russia Learning Plan Summary
  • Writing/Language Arts
    • Learn to write Cyrillic script [hello: Привет] [Russia: Россия]
  • Geography
    • Where is Russia?
    • Major cities video/books
  • Art
    • St. Basil's Cathedral model
    • Paint Russian flags
    • Matryoshka doll art
  • Cultural Studies
    • Russian Music: bala laika
    • Cyrillic alphabet printout
    • Russian fairytale: The Enormous Turnip
  • Science
    • How blubber works experiment
  • Math
    • Matryoshka doll math (greater than / less than)

Learn to write Cryllic Script: First we looked up "hello" and "Russia" on google translate. We also had printouts of the Cryllic alphabet. The purpose of this activity is to introduce the concept of foreign alphabets to students. Let the students keep the handouts of the alphabet, and also let them try to write their own words in Russian. [If they are still learning to write, you can make trace cards for them to practice tracing.]

handout via


Where is Russia? What are the major cities? Use a map or google maps to locate Russia and the major cities. Look at landmarks like St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin. Be sure to also check out children's books about Russia at the library!



St. Basil's Cathedral

We made St. Basil's Cathedral out of toilet paper rolls and bright colored paper. First, cut the bright paper into strips and staple them to the inside of the toilet paper rolls, bring them all up in the swirl shape and trim the tops. Next, staple them together at the top. (See images below)

We also added some paint to make it even more colorful!

The Russian Flag

We painted the Russian flag, which is easy enough. You just need red and blue paint!

Matryoshka Doll Art

We used these printouts to color and cut out our own Matryoshka doll families. 


Russian Balalaika Music

We searched for traditional Russian music played with the balalaika and looked up images of the balalaika. You can find music HERE and HERE

We also drew our own Russian guitars!

The Enormous Turnip Russian Fairytale

You can find many versions to watch on youtube.. CLICK HERE for our favorite...


How Blubber Works

We did a science experiment with ice water and vegetable oil. We used the elementary science worksheet to practice making a hypothesis (see worksheet below). First, we felt the ice water with our bare hands, then we made a prediction about what the water would feel like with vegetable oil rubbed all over our hands. Then we got messy rubbing the oil all over our hands... and testing the water. The kiddos loved this one! We talked about how the oil acted like blubber and insulated our skin. This is how the beluga whales can swim in the freezing oceans of Russia.


Greater Than / Less Than Matryoshka Dolls

We used our Matryoshka dolls to talk about larger/smaller and learn the greater than less symbols. First we cut out the symbols, I always use the alligator or pac-man description to eat the larger option. Then, I placed the dolls randomly on the floor and let them place the correct symbol to identify greater than or less than...