Cultural Learning: Ethiopia

Here is a comprehensive cultural learning plan about: Ethiopia -- this was such a fun unit. Remember if your little ones are not quite reading or writing, they can still be involved and learn. 

Find the outline below...


  • World Map
  • Africa Worksheet
  • Capital City

  • Practice Letter A (For Littles)
  • Spelling A Words (Addis Ababa, Africa, Amharic)
  • Ethiopian Flag Using Cardstock and Pasta

  • Earth Science: Types of Valleys
  • Science Video
  • Rift Valley Formation Play Dough Project
Cultural Studies
  • Ethiopia Video (Famous People, Places, Ideas)
  • Ethiopian Food
  • What is Injera Bread?

Ethiopia Coloring Sheet


Map and Worksheet: We located Ethiopia on the map, located the continent of Africa, and then talked about the countries around Ethiopia as well. This is a great time to listen and answer geography questions your kids might have. If you don't know the answers -- GOOGLE! You can also use google earth to navigate and explore the streets of Addis Ababa.

Free Printable


We used tracing sheets to practice writing the letter A for new writers. For advanced spellers, we learned these words: Addis Ababa (the capital city of Ethiopia), Africa (the continent) and Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia). You can make trace cards on plain paper and give your kiddos pencils or highlighters to trace over before spelling on their own.


We made the Ethiopian flag out of paper and pasta. The kiddos did a great job with this! Just use pasta and let them try to make a star with spaghetti and glue. It can be challenging, but it's great for fine motor, design skills, and practicing patience!


We watched videos about valleys, and learned that the Great Rift Valley runs right through Ethiopia. Rift valleys are one of the three valleys we studied. Here are the videos:

How valleys are formed: VIDEO HERE
Rift Valley Formation: VIDEO HERE

If you have little science kiddos there are tons of science videos about land formations on youtube: Here is a popular science series about land formations: VIDEO HERE

Watching a quick video about how rift valleys are formed can be a great way to begin this next science activity... Making a layered rift valley.

Rift Valley Play Dough Activity
  • 1. Roll out layers of play dough 
  • 2. Stack them into a layer of "earth"
  • 3. Use a butter knife to cut two fault lines or crevices into the formation
  • 4. Let the middle sink lower to form a rift valley


This is a fun video with a very fast concept of some popular things in Ethiopia. Obviously, kids don't need to memorize any of this, it's just fun! Remember: if something stands out -- do more research and keep learning!

Ethiopian Food!

For plant-based families, Ethiopian food is amazing! You can let your littles try the food, or you can watch videos about making and eating with Injera bread. Most large cities in the US have Ethiopian restaurants, so search around.

Amharic - The official language of Ethiopia
You can find plenty of Amharic videos for children, here are two:


Additional Resources:
This is an excellent resource for Ethiopia Facts for Children LINK HERE

Coloring Sheet: