Homeschool Workshop: Buoyancy

Homeschool workshops are easy to host! You can host them at home with siblings or neighbors, with a homeschool co-op, or even a community meeting place. We offered a fully inclusive environment, blending ages 3-12 and incorporating neuro-diversity (all learning abilities welcome). 

Here is the outline we used -- I hope it inspires your next homeschool workshop!


Remember in an inclusive environment, some of your students may not want to participate, and that is just fine. One of my favorite things about leading workshops with such unique kiddos is to give them a loose outline, and just see what they come up with -- it is almost always something amazing!

  • VOCABULARY: Buoyancy
    • We made vocabulary cards on 3x5s (word/definition on the other side)
    • We practiced writing the word "buoyancy" on our arms with our finger tips, this is especially helpful for children that are hands on learners to complete the circuit of mind and body
  • SCIENCE: We did a science experiment with seven different items and predicted if they will sink or float, then tested the materials (free worksheet at bottom of the blog)
  • DISCOVERY/STEM: We used the items we tested to design and build out own boats
  • CREATIVE: We tested our boats and played with them in a sensory bin... it was a lot of fun!

I have included the Sink/Float worksheets if you would like to do this at home, one has the materials we used, and there is also a blank chart, to make your own: