Why Are Leaves Green?

 This learning plan is all about LEAVES! Why are they green? Why do they change colors?

Learning Plan:
  1. Vocabulary/Spelling: Chlorophyl (Video and Chart)
  2. Science: Parts of a Leaf Diagram
  3. Art: Beaded Leaf Charm
  4. Math: Leaf Mobile Counting by 10s
  5. Get Moving: Nature Walk/ Collecting Leaves

We watched a few videos on youtube, and this was the favorite:

Leaves by Aumsum

  • Chlorophyl: New Vocabulary Word (practice writing/spelling)
  • Create Chart: Find green leaf and non green leaf and label


Parts of the leaf diagram (Create a leaf diagram for them to read and explore and then have your kiddos make their own)


Beaded Leaf Charms: We created these by tracing leaves on old cereal boxes, cutting them out, and gluing leaf pieces on the charms. Then, we did a beading to finish the charms(tons of fine motor skills going on here!)


We made a leaf mobile with 10 leaves on each strand so we could practice counting by 10s. You can either have the kids punch holes in the leaves and string them, or you can string them using a needle. I used a penny to weight the number at the bottom so they could string it across as they count. This was especially good for my four year old! She was counting by 10s in no time.


Go for a nature walk or backyard adventure to find the leaves you need for this learning plan!

Keep learning and HAVE FUN!!