Moving Into a New Home

 Here are a four fun activities to make moving a little more fun for your family!

  • Model or Map of the New House
  • My place in the World Project
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hide-and-Seek

Make a House Model or Map: All you need for this is paper and some tape! We drew the inside and all of the rooms, and we also drew the front and backyard. They had a lot of fun explaining their drawings to the family.

My Place in the World Project: Just use different size paper to create this sequence:

My Street
My City
My State
My Country
My Planet

Let them draw each of their interpretations of their place in the world!

Have a HOUSE SCAVENGER HUNT! Here is a free template you can print:

4. Nothing gets you more familiar with your new home like a good ole fashioned game of HIDE-AND-SEEK!